Thursday, August 12, 2010

We're Home!

We've made it safely to Alaska. Wow! Today, we have have been in Alaska for 2 weeks. Our first day here, we hiked at Hatcher's Pass, about 30 minutes from our home. Then, Liberty had her first sleep over with her new friend. It was a good day.

John had to go to work soon after we arrived and we had just three days of him here to help us unpack. This hasn't been my quickest move-in job, and I'm not even halfway done. Oh, well. There will be plenty of that when the kids go to public school in a week.

We live across the Cook Inlet from Elmendorf Air Force Base, so we've had fighter jets (I have no clue which kind), and HUGE cargo jets flying overhead. John loves airplanes--since he grew up an Air Force brat. I think he'll really enjoy teaching the kids about the planes that fly over. Canyon runs to the windows and screams "AIRPLANE!!!" whenever one flies over, so it's been exciting.

One thing I haven't seen yet is Sarah Palin. And believe me folks--you'll hear about it when I do! You betcha you will!

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Stephany said...

Clay flew in and out of Alaska quite a lot so if you are unsure about a plane just let us know!!