Thursday, September 24, 2009

John headed north to Alaska

So for those of you who don't know:

John has moved to Alaska to get a job. He left Les Schwab September 8th and hasn't regretted one second.....although when payday rolls around and there's no paycheck, we'll both be a little hesitant. Thankfully, we have wonderful families that are holding our hands through it all!

So far he's had two job offers, one interview and pounded the pavement yesterday and today looking for opportunity--because opportunity doesn't knock on its own, you know. I'm proud of him for taking a leap- a very scary one to better our lives. There's more opportunity for him in Alaska and he loves it there, so I know this is a step in the right direction.

The kids and I will move on up with him as soon as we can, but most likely that won't be until spring because Alaska is nearing freeze season and we don't want to move in the winter--although I would do it! I just wouldn't move all my belongings up. Living in two rooms of my parents' place (thanks again mom and dad!) has proven to me that I have TOO MUCH STUFF! The kids, John and I all need to do a good once-over of all our stuff and donate the things we don't need! (But don't try to pry my decorations out of my hands as soon as I get to Alaska.)

For the time being, we're keeping in touch through text, facebook and telephone calls. Hard for us all (especially the kids) but we'll be stronger in the end for it.
Here's his "Hire Me" face---think it'll work?

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