Sunday, September 27, 2009


We started homechool today!!! Finally!!! Our original plan was to allow Liberty to wait until after her birthday to begin her homechool studies. Then John stopped for a visit on his way to Alaska, so we pushed her start date even further. To top it all off, the products we ordered took about one week longer than anticipated to get here. Lesson learned: I will be better prepared and ON TIME next year!

Deciding on cirriculum was the hardest part of our whole plan. There are so many different ways to educate a child. There are complete programs available, literature heavy programs, an a la carte method and of course you can switch up and create your own program. That's what great about homeschooling--you are FREE to educate your child as you please!

We are using the Switched On Schoolhouse program that the Duggars use (from TLC's 18 kids and counting). So far--no complaints. Libby loves the videos, slideshows and games. I love how easy for me (so far). It's nice to be able to allow Libby the freedom to learn at her own pace, which is probably much faster than in a public school setting. She breezed through three lessons in about one and one half hours! I think we'll have the entire week's lessons complete in a couple days--which is good because we're getting such a late start!

I chose the SOS program because this is my first year homeschooling and I wanted to be sure Liberty got a complete education. I looked into a state sponsored homeschool program, but decided agianst it since the main reason I chose to homeschool was to give Libby a Christian education. In addition, the state sponsored programs make you check in with educators and I just feel that's too much intrusion. If I wanted Liberty to get a public education, I'd send her to public school. I also chose SOS because Libby loves playing on the computer and it seems like all the schoolwork is "play".

I'm excited to see what the school year brings and how wonderful it will be to watch my daughter learn--and learn alongside her!

In case you're interested, you can go to:, or to find the program we're using and thousands of other homeschool products.
Have to complete my post because Libby is begging me to "do more homeschool". I LOVE THIS!

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